Guitarist and composer Simon Thacker joins me to perform compelling new music which distills the essence of Simon's pioneering intercultural experiences to create new soundworlds. Our current programme is Karmana,  which features Karine Polwart - Scots singer, tabla master- Sarvar Sabri and Roma tradition singer/violinist -Masha Natanso. Album available here. 



Karmana (Sanskrit for “performing anything by means of magic”) - the intercultural power of new sounds takes audiences and listeners to an unexplored world of music of this cello and guitar duo. 


In his original compositions and reimaginings, Thacker grasps the spirit of some of the world’s deepest musical traditions, from India and the Balkans to Andalucía and Gaelic Scotland, he unites mastery with effortless musicianship of two of the country’s outstanding contemporary performers. Karmana encapsulates musical passion and heritage of the past by expressing it in the present.

Their debut album features a monumental six movement Karmana suite, metamorphoses of Gaelic and Polish traditions, astonishing recreation of Scots song The Highland Widow’s Lament, featuring the incomparable Scots singer Karine Polwart, up to 25 simultaneous guitars and 7 cellos, and a unique take on the Romanian Roma song with one of the Romany world’s finest exponents singer/violinist Masha Natanson, and a genre integrating trio with Indian tabla master Sarvar Sabri.


Justyna and Simon featured in the Made in Scotland Showcase during the Edinburgh Festival, with a special guest, Maria Natanson. 




Simon Thacker first came to prominence as a classical guitar soloist before becoming firmly established as one of Scotland’s most intriguing and accomplished cross-cultural musical voices through his world expanding ensembles. These include Svara-Kanti, a world leading Indo-Western collective which has seen him tour and collaborate for major festivals in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, most recently for an audience of 60 000 in Dhaka at one of South Asia's biggest festivals, and Simon Thacker's Ritmata, his musical laboratory with three of Europe’s leading improvisers. Both groups entirely feature Simon’s music