Past Performances

19.05.2016 Made in Scotland Launch with Simon Thacker, Edinburgh 

17.07.2016 With Simon Thacker's Svara Kanti, Glasgow Mela

11-20.08.2016 Karmana, with Simon Thacker and Maria Natanson, Edinburgh, Summerhall 21.15hrs

21-28.08.2016 Lucerne Festival, with Lucerne Festival Alumni new composers project

19.12.2015       With ISON Trio, Tullynessle & Forbes Hall near Alfrod

03.12.2015       With Simon Thacker's Svara Kanti, Sage Gateshead, Newcastle, 7.30pm, more info here

03.10.2015       Isle of Man GuitarFest with Simon Thacker and Sarvar Sabri

19.09.2015       ISON Trio, National Chamber Music Day

August 2015    Lucerne Festival Academy

14.06.2015       Glasgow Mela with Simon Thacker's Svara Kanti 

14.03-23.03.15  Dresden, Die Brüder Löwenherz; new work by Helmut Oehring

29.03.15            Lucerne,  Die Brüder Löwenherz by Helmut Oehring 

28.02.15            Liverpool Jazz Festival; with Simon Thacker's Sara Kanti

04-11.11.14       Tour of India with Svara Kanti

01.11.14            Sound Festival with Simon Thacker and Sarvar Sabri

10.10.14           Requiem for Edward Snowden by Matt Colings with live electronics,

                          The Reid Hall, Edinburgh

06.09.14          Lucerne Festival, Symphony Concert conducted by Matthias Pintscher

02.09.14          Lucerne Festival, George Crumb's  Black Angels  quartet

26.08.14          Lucerne Festival, conducted by Heinz Holliger

23.08.14          Lucerne Festival, Symphony Concert conducted by Sir Simon Rattle

06.08.14         Aberdour Festival, performing Julian Wagstaff's trio A Persistent Illusion 

05-14.08.14    Spoken Spaces, Sonic Traces, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

14.06.14          Ardross

22.06.14          Pangea Magazine, Polish Consulate Year Award Galla 

29.06.14         Torpichen

18.05.14          West Linton

15.05.14          Edinburgh College, The Music Box

04.05.14         Brighton Festival (premiere of new trio with Sarvar Sabri - Tabla)

20.04.14         Lyth Art Centre

18.04.14         Isle of Arran 

21.03.14         Glad Cafe, Glasgow 

01.03.14        Pleasance, Edinburgh 

21.01.14        Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh 

26.10.14       Sound, Scotland's Festival of New Music, Alford