Pangea Magazine May 2014 full issue here    

Pangea Magazine April 2014  full issue here

Voice for Arran May 2014



Karmana at Whiting Bay Hall

This brilliantly talented duo, performing on guitar and cello, entranced their audience with music from India’s classical raga tradition. Its very non-European rhythmic basis that goes something like ta takka ta, takka-takka-takka ta is a subtle support for all kinds of musical expression from the gentle to the passionate, the voluptuous to the enraged, and listening was something akin to a magic carpet ride – a roller-coaster of emotional expression. Simon Thacker, who runs the guitar department at Edinburghs’ Napier University, is a dazzling left-handed player who displays quite extraordinary technique, and he is well matched by Justyna Jablovska, a cellist of no ordinary quality.

Everyone present was fascinated by the depth of expression revealed by the two formidably talented players. 


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